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Molybdenum spray powder or Spray Molybdenum Powder
Spraying molybdenum powder, also known as the spherical molybdenum powder, the domestic production technology of spherical molybdenum powder has two kinds.
one is spray drying method, the produced molybdenum powder, bulk density is about 3.7 to 4.2 g/cm3, particles in porous spherical; suitable for cold spraying, or plasma spraying.
The other is the centrifugal atomization process, produced molybdenum powder is as standard spherical, the bulk density commonly is 5.7-6 g/cm3, solid sphere, this kind of powder spraying effect and mechanical properties, wear resistance, resistance to high temperature, the performance is much higher than the first kind of spraying molybdenum powder, and the coating thickness, evenness better than that of the spray drying method of molybdenum powder.
Spray molybdenum powder: mainly for coating the surfaces of parts in machinery manufacturing industry for the purpose of wear resistance.
Outward appearance: Homogenous grey powder with good flow ability.
Particle size: 106/53um 90/45um 75/45um 65/45um 53/20um
Impurity content % Max
Fe 0.6; Ni 0.5; Mg0.01; Si 0.01;Al 0.01;Cu 0.01; Ca 0.01; O0.25; C 0.2; P 0.005
Appearance: A dark gray or black lustrous powder
Applications: Used for Thermal Spraying, HVOF, APS, Alloying, Brake Pads, Ceramic Metallization, Chemical Catalyst, Diamond Tooling, Electronics, etc.

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