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Molybdenum Powder or Molybdenum powders
Grade: FMO-1 Mo or FMO-2
Purity: 99.96%
Loose density: 0.8-1.6 g/cm3
Average grain size FSSS: 1- 5.5 micron
Appearance: Gray powder, no impurity naked eye can see .
FMO-1 is mainly used for producing the raw materials of molybdenum products: large-sized slab, bar, drawing wire, military product etc.
FMO-2 can be used as raw materials: controllable silicon wafer, molybdenum mandrels and so on.
Storage: Should be stored in shady, cool and ventilated warehouse. Kept far away from fire, heat source and acid. No smoking in the workplace. Should be stored in vacuum encapsulation in case of being oxidized.


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