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Sodium Molybdate
Producing Method: Using Molybdenum trioxide generated by oxidizing roasted molybdenum concentrate (MoS2), then put into alkali leaching to get the sodium molybdate solution, leaching liquid through the suction filter, evaporation concentration. Concentrated solution through cooling crystallization, centrifugal separation, drying, we can get sodium molybdate.
Molecular formula: Na2MoO4•2H2O
Molecular weight: 241.944
Properties: white crystalline powder. At 100C lost 2 molecules of water. Soluble in 1.7 portion cold water and 0.9 portion boiling water, when 5% aqueous solution at 25C, the PH is 9.0 ~ 10.0. Relative density (d184) 3.28.Melting point is 687C.
Usage: Measured alkaloid and glycoside, measured the total phosphorus phosphate calcium superphosphate and effective phosphorus content. Inspection without blood protein and serum albumin filtrate. Corrosion inhibitors. Preparation, T H medium culture medium in the haploid breeding, improvement of hui culture medium, MS training base, the RM medium. Producing Paints.


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