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Molybdenum parts or Molybdenum fabricated parts or molybdenum machined parts
Thickness0.05-50.0mm; Width10-700mm; Length100-3000mm
Standard: ASTM B387, ASTM B386-91
Material: Mo >99.95%, TZM,(Mo-Ti-Zr alloy)
Density: 10.2g/cc
Surface: polished, ground, Black, bright, pickling, alkaline
Molybdenum Alloy Fabricated Parts
Specification: According to the needs of users :( 1.0-25)*(80-480)*LL<=2000mm (unit weight is less than 40Kgs) and thin slice ;( 0.3-1)*(50-550)*L(mm). Thickness, width and length's tolerance may be produced according to the GB3876-83 standard. Special specification can be consulted by both parties.
Appearance: Dark brown, silver metallic luster after washed by the alkali, can be produced according to the width and thickness that users offer, the surface is met with the needs of smooth, level, and has no defects such as double skin, divided layer, crackle, splitting. The products whose thickness is more than 1mm is supplied with the hot-rolled state; the product whose thickness less than 1mm is supplied with the cold-rolled or cleaning surface state.
Main Applications: This product is suitable for light, electric vacuum device, electric semi-conductor device, glass fiber kiln heating element, heat shield, and molybdenum boat, etc. Molybdenum plate and molybdenum sheet of TZM series can be used as the radiation resisting shielding material, high-temperature stove structural material, etc.

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