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Molybdenum Plug
Specification: Φ 20-300 mm, also according to clients’ drawings production.
Applications: for piercing seamless steel tubes such as stainless steel, drill steel, high temperature alloy steel, molybdenum and other special parts, used in different grade seamless tube under the conditions of high temperature hot rolling perforation.
Chemical composition: molybdenum powder with other elements.
Features: high strength and high oxidation resistance under high temperature, long service life, corrosion resistant and not easily to make glass in colour.
Molybdenum plug production process
First of all, Using FMo-1 Molybdenum powder as raw materials, added rare earth material, then after mixing, molding, and external processing, through the high temperature sintering process to finish it.
The molybdenum plug density is more than 9.4 g/cm3.


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